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The University Research Office is based at the Govan Mbeki building on Westville campus

The University of KwaZulu-Natal currently has more than 250 post-doctoral fellows

Funds requests must be directed through the Colleges at the office of the College Dean of Research

You can upload your own publications on IRMA and ResearchSpace

ResearchSpace is the institutional repository of UKZN. It is a collection of full text theses and also includes research publications produced by UKZN academics.

Features of the websites: 

  • Page through our Research Funding section to learn more about our Internal and External Funding, Grants, Awards and Honorary Appointments for postgraduate students and staff who are involved in research activities in the university. The internal funding and grant sources include the Doctoral Grant, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Competitive Grant, Grant for Research Development Equipment, University Book Prize, Vice-Chancellor’s Award, the appointment of Senior Research Associates and Honorary Research Fellows; and the external being grants from the National Research Foundation, Medical Research Foundation, and SANPAD, among others. 
  •  Browse our Research Output section to learn more about the different categories of publications, how they are rewarded by the University and DoHET, and the different formats in which they are required to be submitted.
  • The Research Ethics division has three sub-sections: the Animal Ethics, Biomedical Research Ethics, and Human Social Science Ethics. Each sub-page provides an overview of the relevant ethics section, as well as guideline documents, application forms, renewals, and related policies.


  • The directorate for Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer is a division of the Research Office that is responsible for identifying, evaluating, protecting and marketing selected inventions and other Intellectual Property creations by students and staff in the employ of the University. Learn more about the activities of the IPTTO in our website. 
  •  One of the new aspects of the website, and indeed the Research Office, is the Directorate for Post-Graduate Studies and Capacity Development. Learn more about the directorate in the page on our left-hand menu. This section provides for training initiatives for researchers in the University, including writing for Publication, Supervision, as well as innovative pre-and post-doctoral human capital development programs.

Research Information Management:

  • The Information Management and Marketing cluster is one of the recently established units of the Research Office and is responsible for ensuring effective research data management system, the provision of reliable and accurate statistics on research output, the production of research reports and news internally as well as to the external community.
  • In this section you can also access our newly launched UKZN Research Voices Newsletter, the University research newsletter which published scholarly work in an accessible format.

Other New Features:

  • We give you instant and up-to-date research-related news and notices from internal and external sources.
  • We now produce and share with you all our most recent research output data i.e. all journal articles, books, chapters in books, creative contributions, conference proceedings, and a list of all recently graduated post-graduate students, with the titles and direct links their distinguished works.
  • You can also link directly to the UKZN Press –the university publishing house which we would encourage you to submit your creative and academic books to-, as well as the library of the University.
  • You can access the profiles of our staff establishment as well their contact details.

Forthcoming features:

  • In the near future, we will establish a page for the University’s Research Focus Areas, a page for all the established UKZN Researchers (linked to their works), an electronic step-by-step course on how to use IRMA.Net, as well as a link to Research Africa (the site which provides global news on research-related activities, awards and funding opportunities) to which we subscribe.

We hope you will find the new site easier to navigate and interact with.
The Research Office Team


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